Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Story From the Past- Fresh Cream

Hello Laura. 

'I spoke with my aunt last night (just celebrated her 94th birthday) and she is not sure if she has the right name, but thinks the house opposite and close to the little bridge on Hazelwood Avenue near Davenport Road, was lived in by the Slape family who also owned the dairy across the road in the park.  She recalls a structure with equipment for stirring the milk, a few cows, and an old man (at that time in the 1930's she was only about 7).
As the eldest, it was Philippa's job to buy cream for the house. Given money by her mother or the housekeeper, she ran an errand to the dairy up the road.  Carefully carrying the jug home along the fine gravel footpaths, as she went over the bridge of uneven wooden slats, she would often 'accidentally' slop the cream up the side of the jug.  Unaware she could be seen all the way from her home, she'd repeatedly tidy up the uneven bits in the jug with her finger.

  Regards Richard Hector

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