Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Creek Lore project provided a unique opportunity and location for temporary and site specific artworks. Here are some of the works-

    Embed 2017, Laura Wills,
   Clothes, creek stones, site specific ephemeral work

    Detail: 204 Birds Found 2017, Laura Wills
    Gum nuts, wetsuit, glue, clothes, site specific ephemeral work

    Flood 2017, Laura Wills
     Digital print on silk, 180 x 135 cm

   Detail: Seven Headed First Creek Snake 2017, Collaborative work Laura Wills with Marryatville High School        year 8 students
   Bark, site specific ephemeral work

     First Creek Catchment 2017, Laura Wills
    Digital print on silk, 150 x 102 cm

     Rain on the Godly Plain 2017, Laura Wills
    Lime, chalk, charcoal, rocks, site specific ephemeral work

    Detail: Photographic Documentation 2017, Marryatville High School year 8 students
    Laminated digital print, 7 works at A4 size

    Cool Log Jam 2017, Henry and Rupert Cheesman
    Playdough, toy cars, site specific ephemeral work

    Purple Spotted Gudgeon 2017, Collaborative work with Marryatville High School year 8 students
    Bark, paint, site specific ephemeral work

    Value of a Creek 2017, Laura Wills
   Ink on board, 110 x 90 cm

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